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Worship With Us publishes books which will encourage and instruct you in your faith. These include print and electronic books by Jane Goodwin and John Goodwin.

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Catalogue includes:

A Capfull of Salvation, by Jane Goodwin. (Children's books). Originally published April, 2016


 Who Am I?, by Jane Goodwin. (Children's books). First published March 2016.


The Fruit of the Spirit, by Jane Goodwin (Children's books). First published December 2016.

Gifts of the Spirit by Jane Goodwin. Published March 2019

Speaking in Tongues, by John Goodwin. Is speaking in tongues still for today? Should everyone have the gift? How does it work? A booklet explaining how this gift works and why it is important. Published November, 2017

True Love Responds by John and Jane. Published August 2019 is a study book intended to help people understand the importance of reaching out beyond the walls of the church to gather in the harvest which is everywhere.

 True Love Responds cover

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