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Note: The following article was written in 2016. Since that time things have only become worse. We now have a government that is paying off journalists with "grants" to support approved media outlets. We have the Summer Jobs attestation that requires those getting government funding approve of abortion, we have a government requiring citizens to subscribe to approved ideologies, and a legal system, including "Human Rights Tribunals" which can charge you based on what you think. The article was originally about the state killing its citizens. There is even more to lament now that 2019 is here.

State Killing

Recently I heard a quote attributed to Fran Parker of Ottawa: "Those who have killed their children will be killed by them."
Having spent a lot of time in Eastern Europe in former Soviet Bloc countries I see disturbing parallels between what is happening in Canada now and what happened there under communism. It will seem like a sensational claim to some, I'm sure, but let me describe what I see.
Under communism children were the property of the state to the point that the government decided which schools children would attend, what they would study, and through exposure to communist dogma and the persistent silencing of any opposing view, what they would believe. The adult was shaped by the formation of the child in the hands of the state. Increasingly the citizens were dependent upon the government to fulfill the needs of their lives - from education to employment, food, housing and property. After exposure to the regime for a couple of generations parenting skills were all but forgotten by many, so that when the system finally caved in, because it was untenable, and a new generation of parents had to take responsibility for their own children many of them would ask outsiders for tips and techniques. They would look for advice on what was right to do and what was wrong, because they had no one to teach them.
For the elite in communist countries corruption served them well and allowed them to live the kind of lavish lifestyles that were not attainable by the masses. Acquiring bribes is easy when you have all the power to give the other party what they want or need, or keep them from what they do not want. During its reign of terror the communist system in Eastern Europe destroyed countries, infrastructure and people.
Fast forward a couple of decades or so to Ontario, Canada. I know. You're already thinking this is a leap, but I see symptoms that have yet to produce the full blown terror of the disease. Government in Canada is increasingly assuming responsibility for control and decision making in the lives of citizens. We have a state run school system which was originally started to provide education and moral and religious grounding for children to prepare them for work. This has now been hi-jacked.
I remember the news announcement some years ago when teachers made the decision that they would no longer address moral issues in the classroom, on the grounds that it is not the teacher's responsibility to be moral guides, but only to provide education. They would stick to that and leave the moralizing to someone else. To which I respond now, in the vernacular, "How's that working for you?" Do I need to recite the tragedy of transformation over the last couple of decades in schools?
I remember the announcement that children would be allowed to go to their doctor for contraceptives and abortion without the knowledge of their parents. Apparently parents don't have the right to speak into the lives of their minor children on these issues. Nor should they make decisions on their behalf. Parents, it seems, cannot be trusted to act in the best interests of their children, but the children themselves know what is best. As guided by outside authorities such as a school counsellor, "healthcare" professional. Disinterested parties.
When we moved here to Canada my son was five. He was too young to start school and we had to wait a year for him to get into kindergarten. In this enlightened time the government has decided it wants children to start school at three. Get them while they are young. And for those who are under three parents are clamoring for the government to pay for their keep during the day, placing them into "day care" centres at government expense so that the parents can go and work. I heard of some parents who dropped their toddler off at 7 in the morning and picked him up at 6 at night, every day. When the parents went on holiday the grandparents dropped the child off at daycare.
The Premiere of Ontario has stated publicly that one of the goals of the province's education system will be to re-program what children think and believe and relieve them of their parents influence.
She has said, "Parents deserve the peace of mind of knowing their children are in good hands. By investing in early childhood educators, we are supporting nurturing child care environments where children can thrive." I would argue that children need to be in the hands of their parents.
So now we have situations such as this, in Ajax Ontario, reported on (

"Ajax by-law manager Derek Hannan told president Maritza Sialer by email September 24 that DCP [Durham Concerned Parents] could not hold an open air classroom in Memorial Park as part of its one-day student strike, because the park is under the authority of the Town of Ajax which must appear 'neutral.'

'While I am sure your group is passionate of their beliefs, I must state to you that the Town of Ajax is a level of government,' Hannan wrote September 24, 'and as such, must always appear to be neutral in these matters of dispute.'

Hannan further forbade the group from holding a protest 'on any lands owned, managed, or operated by the Town of Ajax.'"
I hope you understand the implications of this. A local government bureaucrat is assuring citizens of Canada that they may not assemble or protest in any public place. Think about the wording of it. Are not sidewalks and all streets in a town "lands owned, managed, or operated by the Town" as dictated in the decree above?

Corruption, of course, is rampant in Canada. Sad to say that while Eastern European countries are being called to account in order to come into the fold of the European Union, Canada is unrestrained in government mis-spending, bribery and corruption. The former Liberal government of Chretien, on a national level, was caught funneling hundreds of millions of dollars to their favoured supporters. The provincial government here in Ontario threw away an estimated 1.2 billion dollars just on cancelled gas plants in Oakville. They cancelled those plants as a way of securing votes and seats in government. Now they are running deficits larger than many sovereign nations with no sign or real plan on how to repay the money. The debt of this province is the largest in the world of any non-sovereign state. Meanwhile the teachers union is handed millions of tax-payers money simply for doing their job which their members' fees should be funding them to do. The sad point about this is that many in this country simply don't care or would rather not consider it, as we are not yet at the point where it is hurting most people enough.

For the longest time it has been an inconvenient fact that assigning rights to small minoirities undermines and displaces the rights of the vast majority. A person's right to say something challenges my perceived right to not hear it. Yet we are in a place now in this society where freedom of speech is being trumped by the right to not hear. There are some things we feel we cannot say in public or out loud, in pulpits or on street corners for fear of the consequences. Welcome to totalitarian government.
During G20 meetings in Toronto a couple of years ago the police routinely blocked citizens going about their own private affairs in a ring of officers dressed in riot gear. In one incident, which has, although it is meaningless and without consequences for the purpetrators or initiators, been declared by courts as illegal, several hundred people were detained for hours without cause, without explanation, without consideration of the rain that was falling. Many innocent people were locked up. Let me mention too one small incident caught on video where a police officer, one of two walking along the street, on encountering a disabled person coming in the opposite direction, pushed the person to the ground and kept walking. No reason, no explanation. No real consequence. I see the symptoms of a police state.

Now on to government killing it's citizens.
On the matter of abortion there is an opt-in-insanity which many people have chosen as their position. A pre-born baby is called a baby only if it is wanted. If it is not wanted, it is a "fetus" and can be killed. It has life, it's own heart beat, it's own separate blood supply, of a different blood type than the parent, but somehow it is simply a "part of the woman's body". It makes me wonder why they don't call it amputation instead of abortion. You cannot alleviate the guilt or the responsibility by using different terminology for the same thing. It's a miracle of nature, apparently, that at times in her life a woman can be a human being with two hearts. Two blood types, four arms and four legs, twenty fingers and twenty toes. This is how misguided the public discourse can be when the language of it is controlled by media and the state.

The great issue of the day as I write this is what began as "Assisted Suicide" but has evolved over the last year into "Assisted Dying." What it really means is that the government will kill you if you don't like your life. A committee looking into the matter to prepare a law, after the existing law was struck down by unelected judges not representing the people of this nation, decided that the offer should be extended to not just the elderly with terminal illness, but to any age and for almost any reason. Mental illness, for example. How great it is that over the last little while in the field of mental healthcare professionals have been busy putting labels onto every mental state in order to classify it. Now pretty much everything is a mental illness, from compulsive behaviour to depression. Everything that crosses your mind now fits into some 'syndrome' 'disorder' or 'spectrum' as determined by faceless white coats at your local asylum. That works out well then.

Again, parents are not to be enetrusted with the care of their children, which is where I came in. The government will decree that children younger than the age of consent will be allowed to determine the date of their death. Depressed children suffering what was one simply 'teenage angst' will be the human sacrifices on the altar of rights.
We have drunk the koolaid and are about to experience it's effects. Just this morning I read a quote from one fellow Canadian claiming to be from the University of British Columbia asking the question, "What right does the government have to force people to suffer?" The question itself is insane. It assumes that the government has control over a person's suffering, as if they caused it. It implies that the government should be responsible for the experiences and circumstances of a person's life and that somehow by not acting they are causing the suffering people experience. It assumes that the government must be in authority over every part of one's life to control the experience. And if I suffer the government should assign a professional to kill me. Hang on a minute! The government is not my mommy. "Leave me alone", I say, and I lament to my wife that we are living in the madness. We know where this is going.
This is where I came in: having witnessed the outcomes from a political system that takes total control over the population. In Canada we have finally arrived.


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